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Microsoft office Online Edit


Alfresco Community - 5.2.0をクラウド上のサーバにインストールしました。
Microsoft officeを使ったオンライン編集を行うと、常にIDとパスワードの認証が要求されます。


I installed Alfresco on the server on the cloud.
Online editing using Microsoft Office always requires ID and password authentication.
How can I prevent this certificate from being displayed?

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Re: Microsoft office Online Edit

Configure and enable single sign-on using Kerberos authentication. Of course this will require that you have a centralised authentication service (Microsoft Active Directory) against which you can authenticate. Otherwise you cannot disable the authentication as each time you open a document, Microsoft Office will create a new session and not reuse any credentials you previously entered (which would be extremely insecure).

Member II

Re: Microsoft office Online Edit

Dear Mr Axel

thank you for answering.

Understanding what to do was very helpful.

Since I do not own the Microsoft Active Directory, I will try Kerberos authentication single sign-on using OpenLDAP.