Migrate from Alfresco Community 5.2 to Alfresco Community 7.x

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Migrate from Alfresco Community 5.2 to Alfresco Community 7.x


I have seen a video by @angelborroy  showing how to migrate from Alfresco 5.2 to Alfresco 7.x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHwq_f9PzYU

But I find myself wanting to migrate to Alfresco Community 7.x (preferably 7.3) from a community 5.2 installation.
The server where Alfresco Community 5.2 is installed has MySQL and I can't install docker, so I would use the ansible option.

I would like to know or if it is documented:
- How to correctly perform the installation and migration to Alfresco Community 7 using the installation version with ansible playbooks?
- Do you know if the option with docker containers is stable enough to use it in a productive environment?
- A miniguide of basic steps to perform? For example:

0??? ¿Should I upgrade from Alfresco Community 5.2 using Solr4 to Solr6 beforehand?How it is? Maybe I need to upgrade to Alfresco Community 6 ? or not mandatory?

1. Backup everything
2. Clean install (serious with Mysql)
3. Verify that the clean install works and stop the service
4? restore filesystem content? and the database too? or not?
5? Raise the services and see that indexes are generated? solr would no longer be used, would it?

I don't know, I have a lot of doubts, it is an installation of a 100GB environment in documents and I would like to know if there is any miniguide available.

Thank you

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Re: Migrate from Alfresco Community 5.2 to Alfresco Community 7.x

Read Upgrade Content Services . View Angel video again. You will take old database and old contentstore folder.

Write protocol of your actions:

  1. Install Alfresco 7.3 on new host. Install all custom modules, test it.
  2. Stop new Alfresco. Old production could stay running. Users can continue to work.
  3. dump old database
  4. rsync old contentstore folder to new location. Check the owner of new folder, I do not remember is it important or not for ansible deployment.
  5. restore old database from dump to new server (into new database)
  6. Start new Alfresco and conroll migration process by the logs.
  7. Keep track of the reindexing time of your contentstore. Is it acceptable for users to stay without full text functionality that period of time? If not, you must connect new solr6 to old 5.2 in paralel with solr4 (read documentation). After you will get indexes, you can make migration. But, if the indexing time is acceptable, you are aviod this work. 100GB must be reindexing fast.
  8. Test new Alfresco with real data.
  9. If you will sutisfy with upgrade resoults but your users made new content in old Alfresco, stop old Alfresco and make staps 3-9 again.

This is just a direction to go.