Migrating from Alfresco to Sharepoint Online

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Migrating from Alfresco to Sharepoint Online

One of my customers have on prem Alfresco server and they want to move all the content to O365 sharepoint. They have roughly 3GB of DB and 40GB+ documents to move to the cloud. They also wants to retain all the tags and properties of the documents as well.

Can anyone please point me to a good resource on how to do the migration? Any software or tools that could do the migration?

Alfresco version : Alfresco share: v5.2 Alfresco community v5.2

DB: PortgrwsSQL 9.4.12

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Member II

Re: Migrating from Alfresco to Sharepoint Online

I want to say Xillio has many years of experience with migrating content into and out of Alfresco. We know how to extract data in bulk from Alfresco and load it in another system, how to deal with file classification and credential permission. With Xillio connectors, your content migration is well handled. Using Xillio Insight, we are able to analyze the Alfresco data to help you understand the content and metadata in your system and facilitate data-driven decision making for cleaning up, enrichment, restructuring and migrating your content. Dinar Recaps Blog