Missing docs after upgrade

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Missing docs after upgrade


I recently upgraded from Alfresco 4.2.f to 5.2 (Community of course). Everything went fine. Next I deployed my custom model with admin console. Model is active, no errors in logs... finally I can't found any docs Smiley Sad there's some upgrade step which I could skip unintentionally?? 

regards, Tom

p.s. I can even view/browse model types with CMIS Browser...

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Missing docs after upgrade

You have content associated with your custom model. And you updated from 4.2.f to 5.2 without deploying this custom model. And that worked?

You need your custom model deployed in order to perform the upgrade.

Also a reindexation is required if you are moving from SOLR 1 to SOLR 4.

Hyland Developer Evangelist