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Model Manager: Samples?


I'm new into Alfresco, I've finished a course on Udemy and I know Alfresco from the surface and some inner workings.

I wanted to ask, if any of you have an idea, about where to find sample "Objects" to import into the content model manager. Something like an open source repository.

I was thinking for example, Contracts, Invoices, or other objects that commonly an Alfresco instance may need.

Some samples would be great to me (and perhaps others as well), as they can help us to have a head-start on developing, but mainly avoiding doing many mistakes while designing the objects.

Thank you Smiley Happy


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Re: Model Manager: Samples?


You can install Alfresco in your computer and create a model. After that, you could try to export it.

I've attached a sample. Anyway, I completely sure you can find another model samples.




Re: Model Manager: Samples?


Check out the following zip, uncompress it and you will find an example of contract model: 

You can find how to import it in the following starting guide --> DBP Sandbox Using Guide.pdf 

Another illustrative sample for a claims model is found here:

smartfolders/ at master · vhemmert/smartfolders · GitHub 



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Re: Model Manager: Samples?

Thank you very much, this will be very helpful for me!.

Would be great if there were a GitHub repository for this Smiley Happy