More than 5000 versions of a document

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More than 5000 versions of a document


following a job change, I am working on software using the cmis protocol (change in progress).

Nevertheless the software stores documents with between 5000 and 12000 versions. So in Alfresco, a document contains 5000 to 12000 versions.

I indicated that there are far too many versions for a document. So I suggested instead to purge the previous versions or to store differently (metadata for example).

Can you confirm that storing a lot of versions in a document is a bad practice ?

Thanks for your help

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Re: More than 5000 versions of a document

Yeah, Creating too many versions and managing them is bad practice. When you got a long version history, details page rendering becomes slow. There are many other disadvantages as well.
5000 to 12000 is just too much. I mean think about it how do you identify which version you want to revert to?