Multilingual in CE 5.2?

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Multilingual in CE 5.2?


Is there multilingual support on Community Edition 5.2? I can't find it!

In other versions, I've seen in documentation that in files, in details of the file, under Action menu, its an "Make Multilingual" option, but I can't find it in this new version. 

Maybe is there any option I have to enable or something? I've been searching over documentation a long but I didn't found anything, so I have no other option that ask you.


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Re: Multilingual in CE 5.2?

The action you have seen in older documentation refers to the Alfresco Explorer user interface, which was discontinued and is no longer part of the default distribution since 5.0. The Share user interface, which is the current default (although its deprecation has already been foreshadowed somewhere in the next years), does not provide such an action. The services / functionality in the core of Alfresco are still there though, so it is only a matter of lacking exposure in the user interface.

There are no addons that I know that expose the functionality, so in order to use it you'd have to write yourself quite a bit of interface customisation and likely additional backend REST APIs.