Multiple share-custom files in SDK

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Multiple share-custom files in SDK

Hi all,

I want to add multiple share-config-custom files in sdk. Till now i am reffering this link . I am assuming to register bean in slingshot-application-context.xml file but i am confused exaclty how to add. And also want to add seprate multiple files but confused in registraion of it .


Can Please someone help in this?



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Re: Multiple share-custom files in SDK

As per this doc, you can have two configs in web-extension/* and two in META-INF/* as the names suggests.


Now, if the whole purpuse is to keep share config per module then there is a better way to do it. 

You can use extension modules and define any number of share configurations in the extensions. 

There is a discussion around extension module share config vs share config custom here, may be helpful:

If you still want to use multiple share configs rather than extension based approach, then you can create any number of configs and bootstrap them using spring bean. example:


<bean id="my.custom.configs" class="org.springframework.extensions.config.ConfigBootstrap" init-method="register">
	   <property name="configService" ref="web.config" />
	   <property name="configs">
<value>jar:*!/META-INF/xx-config.xml</value> <value>classpath:alfresco/web-extension/y-config.xml</value>
<value>jar:*!/META-INF/nn-config.xml</value> </list> </property> </bean>



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