Need Urgent Advise: Inconsistent Content Store

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Need Urgent Advise: Inconsistent Content Store

Hi there,

I'm having a strange problem here in my Alfresco Community 23.2. All of a sudden, storage usage went from about 300GB to 1.4TB and the server went out of space.

When performing diagnostics on the server, i found out that the alf-repo-data folder is using all of the server's storage, which is not expected, as i said, it was only about 300GB last week.

So, what i did was to mount Alfresco's webdav locally and compare the folder's sizes. This is what i found:

1,3T alf-repo-data/

166G webdav-mount/

As you can see, there a huge difference between the "real" content folder from webdav mount and the alf-repo-data folder. 

Is there any way to check the content store for consistence, or maybe "recreate" it? There is something very weird about this and i cannot understand what's going on.


I'm running Alfresco Community 23.2 from docker (alfresco-docker-installer).


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Re: Need Urgent Advise: Inconsistent Content Store

It could be deleted content. Check it first:

1. Check the size of the alf-repo-data/contentstore-deleted folder and clean it. Alfresco never deletes content files, even after removing them from the database. An admin must delete them manually or install the tools like this:

2. As an Alfresco user with admin privileges, check the trashcan in Share (user name at the upper left coner > My profile > Trashcan) and clean it.

3. Learn about the Alfresco deletion process (it is multi-staged) and tune its configuration. Description is here:

and here:

4. Explain to the users that the Alfresco WebDAV drive is not a usual files storage drive. They should not just copy, move, or delete large amounts of documents as they would on an HDD/SSD. Some webdav clients, for example, even do not move content, but create new copy of document and delete the source.


p.s. how do you calculate the webdav size? My gesses, this size does not include documents versions.



Serge Fedorow