Not able to preview files with mime type application/ply

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Not able to preview files with mime type application/ply

I have registered thumbnail in the following way

<bean id="thumbnailDefinitionSTLpreview" class="org.alfresco.repo.thumbnail.ThumbnailDefinition">
        <property name="name" value="stl" />
        <property name="mimetype" value="application/sla" />
        <property name="transformationOptions">
            <!-- The thumbnail definition have transformationOptions mandatory -->
            <!-- But there are none for pdf, so use SWFTransformationsOptions as a dummy -->
            <bean class="org.alfresco.repo.content.transform.swf.SWFTransformationOptions">
                <property name="flashVersion" value="9" />
      <bean id="baseThumbnailRegistry" abstract="true">
        <property name="contentService" ref="ContentService"/>
        <property name="renditionService" ref="renditionService" />
        <property name="transactionService" ref="TransactionService" />
        <property name="tenantAdminService" ref="tenantAdminService" />
        <property name="redeployStaticDefsOnStartup" value="${system.thumbnail.redeployStaticDefsOnStartup}" />
        <property name="thumbnailDefinitions">
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionMedium" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionDoclib" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionImgpreview" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionAvatar" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionAvatar32" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionPDFpreview" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionWebpreview" />
                <ref bean="thumbnailDefinitionSTLpreview" />
        <property name="thumbnailRenditionConvertor" ref="thumbnailRenditionConvertor" />


and in "web-preview.get.config.xml" have also added following code

<condition mimeType="application/sla">
      <plugin src="webpreview" paging="true">STLViewer</plugin>
      <plugin srcMaxSize="500000">Image</plugin>

<condition thumbnail="stl">
         <plugin src="stl" paging="true">STLViewer</plugin>


and in order to create a thumbnail, I am executing a script on a folder rule which is as follows

document.createThumbnail("stl", true);;


and also able to see "cm:thumbnail" child in node browser as shown in below image


But unfortunately, I am not getting the preview of files with "application/ply" mime type.


I am attaching two more images below to make you more clear with a situation


this is how my actual file with "application/sla" mime type is getting previewed. But file with mime type is not getting preview properly which can be seen in below image

And If I am performing the transformation from "application/ply" to "application/sla" it is working correctly. 

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Re: Not able to preview files with mime type application/ply

This is actually a continuation of another thread. Ideally, the discussion should be continued there so that people that may find that thread via search in the future are able to follow from beginning to an eventual resolution. Keep in mind that most people on this platform participate on their free time and may not be able to respond to / investigate your issues on short notice, so be patient if you already have an ongoing discussion for a topic. Your thread will also continue to show as "unanswered" so other people will find it and may chime in without needing a new question to be raised.

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Re: Not able to preview files with mime type application/ply


Actually, I was in a bit hurry, its like a nightmare, so it was the reason behind that. I realised that it's not the right way to get help but if you would answer my question then it would really really help me out.