OAuth 2.0 configuration for GoogleDocs integration

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OAuth 2.0 configuration for GoogleDocs integration

Community 5.2 with Google Docs integration amps 3.04 installed.errorerror So I'm getting the following error when I try to edit a document in Google Docs.

I have prepared the Google side and have a ClientID and key ready but have no idea how to configure this in Alfresco or if I need to do something further in the Google Admin console.

I need to know exactly how to set up this integration in Community 5.2. Do I need to include anything in the alfresco-global.properties file? I already have the option "Edit in GoogleDocs" showing in the file actions menu, even though there is currently no configuration for this in my currentl alfresco-global.properties file.

Posts on this are patchy and contradictory, especially as regards Community versions. Any help on how to complete this configuration would be greatly appreciated.