Octa Integration With Alfresco

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Octa Integration With Alfresco

How can we Authenticate User in Alfresco with Octa Integration.

Please provide Documentation or Article related this so this is help for me.


Nehal Unagar

Contcentric IT Service Pvt. Ltd.

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Re: Octa Integration With Alfresco

Good morning!

Check this post. Maybe @afaust knows if there is news about it.



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Re: Octa Integration With Alfresco

I can not provide any news specific to the Octa integration use-case from and end-to-end perspective, as I have not yet encountered it live. But I can add to the original thread that Cristina linked that since writing my reply in that thread, I have myself worked on an alternative Keycloak integration (alternative to Alfresco's Identity Services) which is capable of synching users / groups from Keycloak to Alfresco, so that one would only need to integrate Octa with Keycloak. There will also be an Alfresco Tech Talk Live on October 20th about this. Various documentations exist on the internet for integrating Octa as an IdP in Keycloak (mostly in the context of other products which rely on Keycloak as their identity + access manager).