On permission of files

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On permission of files

Let's take the following use case:

An user A wants to share a file inside a folder from its private files (my files) to some other user. The user A have to add the user B to his personal folder with some role. Doing so, the user B can access the folder. The problem with this is that all permission are automatically inherited to all files and subfolders and I didn't see a way to just avoid that. The inherit button refers to the parent folder and not the children elements. This means if I want to share only one file, I must proceed the inverse way, removing the permission to all files/folders, one-by-one, the user B can't access.

Now this is clearly not extremely user friendly.

Do you know how it's possible to achieve this goal without going though endless repetition task?


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Re: On permission of files

Do you need the "external" user to be able to see the folder?

If that's not a requirement, why not to simply give the user the permission only for the document?

When the permission is granted to the user, he can find the document by using the search.

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Re: On permission of files

Well that's not required so this solution can work well.

Thank you!