Online editing with libreoffice

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Online editing with libreoffice

I'm trying to get the libreoffice online edit window to either close when the close window button is pressed, or alternatively, open in a new tab/window.

To achieve the latter I need to change the 'target="_self"' to 'target="_blank"' in the html below. The problem is that I can't find this html in the source - I assume it's generated on-the-fly by javascript or something similar.

My question is: What generates this html and how can I change it as above?

<a title="Edit in LibreOffice online" class="simple-link" href="libreOffice-online-edit?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/cf55acb0-e182-48cb-9b1f-40439f91c15c" style="background-image:url(/share/res/components/documentlibrary/actions/document-edit-libreoffice-online-16.png)" target="_self"><span>Edit in LibreOffice online</span></a>


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Re: Online editing with libreoffice

is it an ADF related issue?

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Re: Online editing with libreoffice

I don't really know what category it comes under - application development - because it's related to coding or content - because it's related to the way content is displayed.


Re: Online editing with libreoffice


It is not ADF related.

If you want to edit online with Libreoffice you can check this addon:

Kind regards.


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Re: Online editing with libreoffice

I have tested libreoffice and I prefer ONLYOFFICE. It's realy useful oposide the libre.

Take docker version and connector from onlyoffice. Centra3/Parashift connector have some advantages, but it should be adapted to deploy.