'org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache' is full (100)

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'org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache' is full (100)


I am using alfresco 5.0.d community version with MySql 5.7.11.

I'm having this error in my log:
Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache' is full (100).

As a result after 2-3 days alfresco sometimes unexpectedly stops responding with documents and returns empty array.

The same document can be found via share UI.

Yes, the users are synced via ldap and daily around 300-400 are synced.

I have tried changing the following cache properties to below 


But this did not help.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: 'org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache' is full (100)

The userToAuthorityTransactionalCache can log this message when too many users are processed / accessed within a single transaction. This can happen as part of the activity feed processing, when a batch of activities together cross that threshold with regards to the "target audience", i.e. the users that will get these activities on their feed / in their email. It is unlikely that this message / issue has anything to do with your server not responding with documents after 2-3 days.

Increasing the maxItems count can be a quick fix, but does not help if the there are still too many users being accessed in a single operation. Typically, it is better to try to identify the process in question and configure it to use smaller batches. In some instances, i.e. if there are just too many users in a site or too many users in the system in general, then - and only then - is an increase to the maxItems parameter the only way to deal this (without code changes).

How many users do you have in total? How many users are members in the site(s) with the most total number of members?

Member II

Re: 'org.alfresco.userToAuthorityTransactionalCache' is full (100)

Hi Axel,


Thanks for your reply.

The alfresco we are using is out of the box. We have not done any code changes in alfresco.

Every night, as part of the regular process, all the users are synced from ldap configured through cron expressions.

The alfresco share UI displays the document correctly, but, when we try to fetch the document through web scripts or cmis queries, it some times responds without document whereas at the same time the document is displayed correctly on alfresco.

About the number of users, I am not sure, can be more than thousand.

Also, strange thing is that this issue occurs after 2-3 days without restart. When this issue occurs, we need to restart alfresco and then the system works fine again for 2-3 days.