PARENT with AND in fts-alfresco query

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PARENT with AND in fts-alfresco query

Hi, I'm stuck with search the documents from list of folders.

Alfresco full text do not work with relations. So I'm looking for children in two stages, by two cascade query. First I get proper list of folders and when create the query to get their childrens.

I have got the list of folders from API. I need to get list of the children with some text in the names.

This query gives nothing and it's strange:

PARENT:'<node_folder1 id>' 
PARENT '<node_folderN_id>'
AND cm:name:'my text'

because if the PATH parameter is used instead of PARENT it works fine:

PATH '/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:my_site/cm:documentLibrary/folder2/*'
PATH '/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:my_site/cm:documentLibrary/folderN/*'
AND cm:name:'my text'

But the query with PATH became too long for whole list.


How to get children/relations, with some text in property?