Pass Extra Arguments in Faceted Search URL

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Pass Extra Arguments in Faceted Search URL


I have created one extra checkbox in Alfresco Advanced Search page apart of custom content types and their meta data form fields, so when I click on Search button at that time onSearchClick function is called in advsearch.js (client side js).

 In that function there are 4 parameters are passed.

site: (this.options.siteId.length !== 0 ? ("site/" + this.options.siteId + "/") : ""),

terms: encodeURIComponent(Dom.get( + "-search-text").value),
query: encodeURIComponent(YAHOO.lang.JSON.stringify(formData)),
 scope: this.options.searchScope.toString()

I want to add one more argument in this function, so when I have 5th argument like fts : true, so I got that value in url.

But in back end search.lib.js and search.get.js, that argument value comes "null" in args object.

So can anyone have any idea how to pass that extra argument value in search url.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Pass Extra Arguments in Faceted Search URL

The faceted search page only sends those parameters back to the search web scripts that it knows / expects. Adding a custom URL parameter to the page URL will not cause that parameter to be send to the web script without any modification of the client-side JavaScript components (i.e. Aikau SearchList).