Passing nodeRef to APS from ACS

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Passing nodeRef to APS from ACS

I need to pass the nodeRef of the file as an input to the process. This process is deployed in APS. I am using share connector to trigger this process. Now I am able to pass the document and the name(by specifying {name} in start process options) of the document but I have no clue how to pass the nodeRef. Tried with {nodeRef} but didnt work. 

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Re: Passing nodeRef to APS from ACS


Do you have access to the following placeholders for node properties ?




If so, then you should be able to re-build the full nodeRef, for example:

   workspace + "://" + SpacesStore + "/" + a4cc50b1-b337-4830-8fb1-30ef4b3e61b1