Pdf Renderer NOT for ARM64 . What else ?

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Pdf Renderer NOT for ARM64 . What else ?


I'm testing ACS 6.2 on ARM64 hardware (Raspi 4, 8 Gb)

It works (!), but I cannot use the pdfrendere, beeing provided and licensed only for mac/win/linux on amd64.

May we remove the program and ANY referens in alfresco.globa.properties,  without ANY problems ?

Who will provide the pdf rendering in his place ?

Imagemagic ?

Any configuration CORRECTION needed ?

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Re: Pdf Renderer NOT for ARM64 . What else ?

AFAIK this hardware is not supported. 

You can remove the following config: 

#PDF Renderer config, used for previewing pdf docs.

No imagemagick doesn't generate previews for PDFs. You may have to use custom extension and libraries such as itext to generate the previews on upload/create event.

You may also check this one : https://hub.alfresco.com/t5/alfresco-content-services-add/pdf-rendering-extension-for-alfresco-5-0/t...



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Re: Pdf Renderer NOT for ARM64 . What else ?

You can try building pdfium for ARM:


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Re: Pdf Renderer NOT for ARM64 . What else ?

Thanks Angelborray for the hint.

One more info:

considering that all the "office" document type are rendered in pdf by soffice.bin in headless mode, and image file are rendered in pdf by ImageMagick:

WHICH other file types are processed by PDFrenderer ?