Performance issues on 32GB and 8 vCPUs production server

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Performance issues on 32GB and 8 vCPUs production server


 We are facing some performance-related issues on one of our customer production instances for a long time, please find my below observations until now.
1. 32GB Memory is almost fully used. 8 core vCPUs are highly used daily 2-3 times but not at any fixed time.

2. It's contentstore has 389119 items which total size is 602.5GB. But it's SOLR index is very huge which a total size is 105GB. While our one another alfresco instance has 329813 items which total size is 649.5GB and it's SOLR index size is only 7.6GB. No idea, if there is any problem with SOLR indexes.

3. Alfresco caches reach the max limit daily. Right now, max limits are default. But in case of increasing max limits, increased cache sizes also get full. Looks like it is one of the cause for high memory usage but no idea, why it need so much of cache size.

4. Alfresco is community 5.2 and installed on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. SOLR is version 4 which comes bundled with Alfresco 5.2.
will appreciate any guidance one can provide us to right steps/ also if someone is willing to look into it as a freelance project