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Performance problem


We have an Alfresco 6 installation at a customer's site. They are experiencing problems with Alfresco performance.

Alfresco is only used by this customer via APIs or via CMIS.
Users can retrieve the full Alfresco hierarchy via the API and then download the necessary documents.

Users from the web can also modify document information also by using the API.

It is not uncommon for Alfresco (tomcat) to crash suddenly because the memory is too full (heap problem). It is then necessary to restart the service.

Our customer has 32 GB RAM for Alfresco and all the sub-services (excluding the database, which is on another device installed).

Do you have any recommendations on the recommended amount of RAM and CPU please?

For information, here is some information on the number of users and documents of our customer:
~ 6'000 Users
~ 34GB of data
~ 90'000 documents (PDF only)

I found this link, with give information about resources (, but doesn't specify depending on the amount of user: 

As an example, I found this :

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 14.25.50.png

Btw, our Alfresco installation is on a docker system based.

Should the 32 GB be enough ?

Or that is our program (that connect to Alfresco using the API) that has a problem ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Performance problem

Hard to answer without more details. Install javamelody ( ) to your repository and maybe you will be able to identify what is happening. Download AMP: and add it to your repo (via Dockerfile or create your own image).
You will need to add these two lines to Docker Compose file for the repo: #use your path

Do you see any errors in alfresco.log before crash?