Plugin to display Windows Shares in Alfresco

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Plugin to display Windows Shares in Alfresco

So, I'm trying to find a way of browsing Windows shares from within Alfresco - like some type of tree-view plugin that will let authenticated users browse shares on another server rather than dumping the contents of said servers into the Alfresco repository. I've tried simple links (file://UNCPATH) but that stopped working with anything but Windows 7 and IE11 (and even then you have to make some changes to the IE security settings for it to open a Windows Explorer window).
Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Plugin to display Windows Shares in Alfresco

As far as I know and am able to research right now, there is no way to work around the limitations of the various browsers that do not support the file:// protocol. You would have to include some 3rd-party addin / applet or other sort of component that may provide such features. Personally, I don't know any such addins since this is not a use case most people use a web application for. Normally, a DFS tree is used as a single, unified entry into multiple shares.

Alfresco specifically has not been designed to provide access to files that are not managed in its own structures, so this use case has received no attention in any of the product development.