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pre-purchase question


Previously, we have used another DMS as our content manager and in this DMS, documents was capable to consist one or more than one file as attachment. and metadata was the key point of document.
this definition made us able to upload more than one scan photo's for a single physical receipt document.

so, In Alfresco, can we have a document that could have bunch of files (probably with various content type) in a single document ?




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Re: pre-purchase question

Yes, you can configure a custom content model with your own content type that can allow users to define the main document (let's say parent) and upload (or associate) a set of documents to it.

Consider to have a type named Contract then you could define an association named Attachments where you can drop other documents. Eventually you can also create custom types for attachments or other document types.

Another approach is to extend the folder in Alfresco (named Space) to add custom metadata with your properties to identify the entire folder as a custom type such as Dossier. Very useful when users have to search for that specific set of documents.

More information about content modeling can be found here: