Problems with the browser in Alfresco Community

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Problems with the browser in Alfresco Community

Hi all, 

I have installed Alfresco correctly, and I have started the service. Tomcat and PostgreeQSL are OK. 

But the problem is the following --> When I am trying to connect with localhost:8080/share/page/user/admin/dashboard the result is below. 

The principal page doesn´t run.

However, the previous page worked

Can you help me?

Thanks for the support 

Kind Regards,


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Re: Problems with the browser in Alfresco Community

It is good that you checked /alfresco to make sure that is running. Many people wrongly conclude there is a problem with Share when it is actually the alfresco web app with the problem.

But a blank browser page doesn't offer us much to go on. What would be more helpful would be to look in share.log or catalina.out to see if any exceptions are being thrown.

Also, try going to /share instead of directly to the admin dashboard. It shouldn't make a difference, but it would be good to rule out any dashlets on that dashboard that might be causing a problem.

Your /alfresco web app is working. Are you able to log in as an admin and browse the repo through the node browser?