Programmatically linking to an existing rule

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Programmatically linking to an existing rule

Linking to an existing rule set

The Link to Rule Set option lets you reuse an existing rule set that's already defined for another folder.
Note:If a folder already has linked rules applied (rules are indicated by the  icon) you can link to new rules by linking to a different rule set.
  1. Hover over a folder with no rules applied and click More then Manage Rules.
  2. Click Link to Rule Set.
  3. Find the folder you want to use.

    Select the site then select a folder. Check the rules listed to make sure you're linking to the correct folder.

    Note:Locations that you don't have permission to access are disabled.
  4. Click Link.

    Note:You can click View Rule Set to view the rule details or Change to select a different rule to link to.
  5. Click Done.

The above procedure is used to link to an existing rule set. I want to be able to programmatically do it. Is there a way through api call?