Question about Backup Process in Alfresco

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Question about Backup Process in Alfresco


I have a question about Backup & Restore Process in Alfresco.

We are currently using Alfresco 6.2 Community Edition(Docker-Compose)

We are currently managing nearly 10 TB of data through Alfresco. How can I effectively apply the backup and restore process in this situation?

I checked the information related to Backup & Restore from this Here)  But It seemed that the content store information and the entire DB backup procedure were required.

If we continuously perform the backup procedure while there is a lot of data, We are concerned that data addition/deletion will occur continuously during the backup process and synchronization will not be possible.

In addition, We are concerned that If the backup and the use of the service are performed at the same time, there will be an obstacle to the use of the service ( ex) slowness phenomenon, etc...)

Perhaps it will take a lot of time to perform a backup based on copying all of the content store information.

What is the most reliable way to stably perform the backup process while service is running?

In any case in this situation, How would we recommend to apply the backup & restore process?

If there is no soultion, is there a more reliable method other than copy-based backup when backing up the entire content store, index and database?

Thank you always for your sincere help.



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Re: Question about Backup Process in Alfresco

Hi @ujkim 

Check out BART. It seems to be the easiest method/tool to create backups and restore them.

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