Questions about Alfresco cloud 2023

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Questions about Alfresco cloud 2023

I've seen a post from 2017 that asked some similar questions, but didn't see answers to the specific items I'm interested in.  We're currently on v7.1 and evaluating migration to the cloud offering but have some key concerns:

1.  We have a lot of custom workflows currently.  Can these be migrated?  Will the custom coding we created to support the workflows still be usable in the cloud offering?  Or will we need to start from scratch?

2.  Can we transition all our custom API/webscripts, or will we need to rebuild them?  If we need to rebuild, where can I find details on capabilities/limitations/interfaces?

3.  We have done extensive customization to the Share UI.  Will that migrate over?  Does the cloud offering allow for the same level of customization?

4.  We have about 10TB of data in our AWS S3 contentstore.  Does that need to move, or can we keep that in place?

5.  If the contentstore does need to be migrated, what migration support is available, and what is a good estimate in terms of the cost for migration and monthly storage?

6.  Is the Alfresco Outlook plugin still available in the cloud version?


Answers to each of these questions would be GREATLY appreciated, as well as any links to documentation I can share with my engineering team.  Thank you in advance.

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Questions about Alfresco cloud 2023

I guess you should contact with Support in order to get a precise answer to those questions.

Details for the service are available in

Hyland Developer Evangelist
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Re: Questions about Alfresco cloud 2023

This document answers a little bit.

Will try again with support.

Thank you for the help.