"nodeRef is a mandatory parameter" exception

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"nodeRef is a mandatory parameter" exception

Hello, when I enter this url: http://localhost:8088/alfresco/service/api/hypo/createcase?rayon_code=RM22&created_date=2019/03/03&case_number=123&record_id=312312 to postman I get error 500: "01200009 Wrapped Exception (with status template): nodeRef is a mandatory parameter

I tried to google this exception but with no luck, can somebody give me more info?? Thank you.

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Re: "nodeRef is a mandatory parameter" exception

Hi Deny,

This "hypo/createcase" looks like your custom web script if you provide the web script details then easy to look in to the problem.

just see the error and what i assume is you might using the some method where you need to pass the nodeRef or something related to template.


Shyam Ghodasra.