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"Obsolete" documentation

Most of the documents that I look at for ACS/APS and APIs, says "Obsolete pages" followed by a link to the top of all documentation. So, essentially, something in here no longer works and we are not telling you what and not telling you what to do instead.

It might be better to have a note saying that some of the information on the page might be out of date, because that implies that it is still worth reading that document. Essentially, instead of "ignore this page": "read this page with caution".

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Re: "Obsolete" documentation

Hi Kendall,

We'll look at this initially in Support. Can you post a couple of examples please to start us in the right direction



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Re: "Obsolete" documentation

Hmm. I think there have been some changes to links to documents, in the last week or so. Here are some that say Obsolete pages from my bookmarks:


My memory is that I encountered this often, following links on a front page. A coworker had a similar experience. If I pretend to be a new visitor I don't see many obsolete pages, like I remember.

It might be notable that I now see a path through the documentation that I had to learn. So, I am not encountering obsolete pages as much.

My first experiences were scanning over alfresco.com looking for something that says "documentation".

Then using a search engine and finding links that were within community.alfresco.org.

Then clicking the logo in the upper right, trying to go to the top of documentation, seeing nothing that says "documentation" there.

Then clicking Wiki and seeing what looks like a forum.

Gradually, I noticed that the forum pages have a "documents" filter.

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Re: "Obsolete" documentation

Hey Kendall - This really comes from the migration from our old blog, forum, and wiki sites. When we moved everything into Jive, we had to pick a date to bulk mark content as "obsolete." The majority of the content in the wiki was already marked as obsolete, so you'll see lots of documents (how wiki pages moved over) marked as obsolete. If we have an updated version, we do need to update the links referenced in that popup, but it's something we're doing gradually, as we run across them. 

Each space in the community has several content types - blogs were migrated as blogs, forum topics as questions, and wiki pages as documents. With 10+ years of content, we're still cleaning up. Thanks for your feedback on this - we're working on it!