Reassignment option for Workflow Usertask

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Reassignment option for Workflow Usertask

Hi Everyone,

We have requirement in which workflow task is assigned to one group, one member will claim the task and will work on it according to defined due date. Now if that user claims the task and goes on emergency leave, how can we reassign the task to someone else? We can add reassign button next to release to pool button, but after claiming the task only that user can access the task, How can we reassign this task without user's credentials? 

Can we do something like that one of the subgroups can still have access to the task even after task is claimed? What changes do we need to make and in which files to achieve this?

Is there any other way we can do this?

Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Reassignment option for Workflow Usertask

Hi Yash,

Workflow initiator has access to manage all task, So workflow initiator can access the task after claim as well.
you can add Reassign button next to Release to pool button. So Workflow initiator can reassign the task as well as release the task. 




Vidhi | ContCentric
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Re: Reassignment option for Workflow Usertask

You can do this through the API only. write our custom code which can query your task with an ID. then you can simply do task.unclaim() or task.setAssignee(assigneeId)