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Reindex alfresco 6

Hello everybody, we modified the content model in our Alfresco community 6.1 to add new properties to the documents. In Alfresco 5.x we were used to perform a full reindex to make new documents searchable with new properties, so we did the same in Alfresco 6:

1- Stopped Alfresco and Solr

2- Deleted indexes:

rm -f /opt/solr/solrhome/archive/index/*
rm -f /opt/solr/solrhome/alfresco/index/*
rm -f /opt/solr/solrhome/alfrescoModels/*
rm -rf /opt/solr/contentstore/_DEFAULT_/db/*

3- Restarted Alfresco and Solr.

New indexes files are created, but documents searches are not working correctly, especially using IN_TREE clause. (Like this forum question: )

Are we doing something wrong? Moreover, in the logs we see lines like this:

WARN  (Thread-12) [   ] o.a.s.AlfrescoCoreAdminHandler alfresco already exists, not creating again.

And we do not see lines about recreating indexes, like the ones we saw on Alfresco 5.x, e.g. Solr index directory '<ALFRESCO_HOME>/alf_data/solr/workspace/SpacesStore/index' doesn't exist. Creating new index...

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Re: Reindex alfresco 6

Hi, I am geting into a similar issue with Alfresco Community 6.2. Search is not working despite deleting the contents of directories as above. Any idea to solve this issue?



Re: Reindex alfresco 6

Which version of search service are you using ,for search service 1.4.x you should try to delete following folders
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Re: Reindex alfresco 6

My alfresco installation is the Alfresco Community Edition 201911 GA, so I believe this is with search services 1.4. According to the alfresco log, this is Alfresco 6.2.0. Solr is in version 6. I have migrated from Alfresco 5.2.0 where solr4 was used so I have to reindex the contents because I have not imported the old indices in the new server.

I believe the data directory ${solr_dir}/data you mention is actually /opt/bitnami/apache-solr/server/contenstore/ under my Bitnami installation, because no other directory is named data. Deleting this directory as mentionned by sistemi previously or in Alfresco online documentation ( does not help.

Actually, after restarting solr on cleaned folders to do the reindexing, I can observe during several minutes that the index directories have a size increasing (good signal!), but also sometimes decreasing (strange behavior!).

> du /opt/bitnami/apache-solr/server/solr/*/index

Even worse, after some time the solr.log is filled in every 10 s by a recurring exception (10 s is the default period found in a config file), so it means the reindexing process has completed but some error prevent it to stop in a clean manner? Googling the exception I did not find relevant help yet. I will copy the exception details here but it is about ".... AbstractTracker Tracking failed for AclTracker - archive => ..." and "... AbstractTracker Tracking failed for MetadataTracker - archive => ..."

While the reindex process is running, I can still access afresco. But, after coming to the 10 s recurring exception, the issue is that the alfresco server is then becoming not responding at all. I have to restart the serveur and then stop solr to be able to connect to alfresco and navigate the repository and access documents in a normal way.


As sistemi commented, I believe some step is missing in the documentation to perform a full reindex of solr6 in alfresco 6.2?

What do you think?