Report on status of uploaded documents

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Report on status of uploaded documents

Dear Community,

does anyone know how I can generate a report showing the status of all uploaded documents on an Alfresco site? The report would need to show:

- which folders have at least one document and which folders are empty.

- version and date of last uploaded documents.

- ecc.

Thank you in advantage for your reply,

Best regards


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Re: Report on status of uploaded documents

I think you want something like this project:

GitHub - share-extras/content-expiration: Report on 'expired' content in the repository, owned by th... 

you must just change the javascript to check for the creation date instead the expired date, and modify the surf  page  with the full report like you want (css,details,ecc).

you must lose some time to integrate the project on the new SDK 3.0.0 because is a little old, but i make something similar using this project like starter and make it work on Alfresco Community 5.2 with SDK 3.0.0 .

Other projects with similar purpose are:

For Dashlet Report

GitHub - share-extras/audit-dashlet: Display audit events for any given audit application 

For Site Blog Report:

GitHub - share-extras/site-blog-dashlet: Displays the most recent blog posts from within a site and ... 

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Re: Report on status of uploaded documents

Dear Marco,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Maybe you are Italian, we could speak in italian. Anyway, now I will read your linked documentations. I will return to you after this. 

Thank you again for your help!

Best regards