REST API: Finding a document that has issues

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REST API: Finding a document that has issues


Is there a way with the REST API to query for files that appear in the withIssues section of the Document Library? When you click on that link in the platform the url is:

When I open any of those nodes though I don't see any property that would indicate it has an issue. Our main issue is with links, but there are some ditamaps with issues and some other issue types. 

This seems to be the only property that indicates there's an issue, but it's not very specific: 


Is that a relevant error for a missing image or for this error:

ERROR: Attribute "scope" with value "internal" must have a value from the list "external local peer -dita-use-conref-target ". at line 52, column 47 ...


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Re: REST API: Finding a document that has issues

There is no filter "withIssues" in a default Alfresco instance - Componize is a 3rd-party solution / extension for Alfresco. Additionally, custom filters within the Alfresco Share site document library have no direct counterpart in the (Public) ReST API of the backend - they are processed using Share-specific web scripts, which may also be overriden / patched by any installed extension.

I suggest you contact Componize as the developers of the DITA extension solution / module for help on this.