REST API - workflows - Approve & Reject

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REST API - workflows - Approve & Reject

Hello All

I am trying to implement a mobile app using Alfresco's REST API. So far I have been able to use the below end point to get a user's assigned tasks:





Now I am struggling with figuring out the API actions for Approve and Reject actions on a task. Would appreciate any help. I am getting the idea that I will have to update some 'variable' values, but I can't find any clear documentation on exactly what variables to set, if I am rejecting a task, and which variables to set when I am approving a task.






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Re: REST API - workflows - Approve & Reject

I could not locate v1 workflow rest api in documentation and also not sure if there are v1 apis like one you provided to update tasks/instances etc.

However, have a look at repository rest apis and see if that works for you.

Workflow definitions can be found here:

This is an obselete doc but may be helpful:

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)