REST APIs using SSO - Community Edition 6.2 GA

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REST APIs using SSO - Community Edition 6.2 GA

I'm trying to integrate Alfresco Community Edition 6.2 GA with our software through the Alfresco REST APIs. Our software platform already has its own Oauth2 identity provider, which I also want to use for authenticating with the Alfresco REST APIs.

A very basic use case that I am trying to get working is as follows: 

A user signs in into our system by authenticating with our own identity provider. Subsequently, the user is allowed to upload a file to our platform. I want the file to go to an Alfresco repository seamlessly, without the user having to do an explicit login to Alfresco. The upload itself I can do from my code with a call to an Alfresco node REST API endpoint. However, this requires a basic token authentication against users created in Alfresco, which would mean creating and maintaning separate Alfresco identities for each of our users in our system. 

I did see some documentation around SSO but they were for the Alfresco Process Services. Can someone point out to any relevant documentation on the authentication options for the content management REST APIs or provide some tips for the above scenario.