Restore alfresco without full alfdata

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Restore alfresco without full alfdata

Hi everyone, I backuped content store and contentstore delete from an old machine and i have a dump of alfresco dB made trough postgress. Can I restore alfresco with that or I need full alfdata folder? In the old machine I can't start postgress as a service and alfdata is divided. I have keystone in the installation folder and the other alfdata folders in a second ssd so I was trying to restart everything without copying full alfdata folder. Thank you for your time every hint is appreciated 

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Re: Restore alfresco without full alfdata


For a complete restore of your system, you need also full alf_data folder and solr indices (you do not need contentstore.deleted). Without alf_data you are not going to be able to start Alfresco.

In some situations (Testing database transformation in Alfresco upgrades), you may want to start Alfresco without full contentstore. In fact you only need few binaries of the contentstore.