Restrict workflow reviewer

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Restrict workflow reviewer


I want to restrict the reviewer that a user can select specifyng an existing group in the workflow configuration.

Next step it would be to select this group dinamically depending on the selected document.

It is possible to do it? How can I do it?

I'm using Alfresco 4.2e CE and I don't use Share.

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Re: Restrict workflow reviewer

"It is possible to do it?" - This question always has to be answered with yes when it comes to Open Source software since you can do anything (provided sufficient skill level).

Since you are not using Share you probably have some kind of custom UI or service to work with Alfresco workflows. I presume that is something that you can extend / add features to, right? Then it should not be hard to add an "intelligent" select list / picker to determine the restricted options for a workflow reviewer there.

There is no specific support for dynamic property / variable constraints on the Alfresco workflow service layer - any custom logic / requirements always have to developed on top of it.