Restricted access to getTargetAssocsByPropertyValue

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Restricted access to getTargetAssocsByPropertyValue


Using the capitalised NodeService bean, nodeService.getTargetAssocsByPropertyValue can only be run by the system user. This is due to the bean id="NodeService_security" in alfresco-repository/src/main/resources/alfresco/public-services-security-context.xml , in which there is no entry for this method so it defaults to ACL_DENY, preventing access.

Considering that similar methods (e.g. getChildAssocsByPropertyValue) have entries, it seems as though this might be a mistake/bug, unless there is some specific reason that this method should not be used?

Does anyone know anything about this?

Sam Cheshire

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Re: Restricted access to getTargetAssocsByPropertyValue

This is most definitely a bug / massive oversight in development + testing by Alfresco. It is unfortunately not that uncommon, as I have had to report various methods with missing security configurations myself in the past.