Retention Actions and multiple folders

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Retention Actions and multiple folders

Hi - I run Alfresco RM 2.5.3, and I have a question about how retention schedules apply to records beneath them.

I have a retention schedule defined on a particular Record Category (cutoff after 7 days or when Case is Closed, destroy after 7 years or when No Longer Needed, applied to Records).

In that Record Category, I have a Record Folder, with records in it: the retention schedule seems to work well - once the record is completed, the Case Closed event appears, and I can cut off the record.

However, if create a new Record Category (under that Record Category with the retention schedule), and then add a Record Folder into that new Record Category, then the retention schedule does not seem to work on the records. 

The reason I need to add that "intermediate" Record Category is that I am modelling a Physical box with Physical files in it, and Record Folders can only contain records, and not other folders.

How can I make the Retention Schedule work on all records underneath that Record Category?

Thank you in advance for any hint or help!