samba and ftp services do not work.

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samba and ftp services do not work.

 I have alfresco 6.2 installed in docker in an ubuntu, I use this version because it is the only one that allows me the digital signature.

I need to configure the alfresco users folder on the local machine and both samba and ftp do not work, I have entered the alfresco container looking for this file "" and it does not exist. I don't know what additional configuration I should do in docker-compose for it to work, and if it is possible to do it since I haven't found any information about it.

I would be grateful if someone could help me how to make samba or FTP work in order to configure the local folders on the computers.

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Re: samba and ftp services do not work.


I think samba is not supported in Alfresco 6.2 (deprecated). In case of FTP protocol, you may use for defining the corresponding properties (ftp.port).

P.S: Probably for connecting via FTP, you need to publish/nat the ftp port in docker-compose config.