Script file for installing Alfresco

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Script file for installing Alfresco

Where can I find the script file I need to install Alfresco? I can't find it in the three .zip files I found on the site.

tre file.PNG

I found the command to enter, ../, but I don't know where and what to look for to replace the leading dots. 



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Re: Script file for installing Alfresco

There is no longer a installer available for ACS 6.x and later. Neither the distrubution package contains any script , not sure how you can find the script you have mentioned.

You can any of the following to setup your environment:

1- Container based setup , more details can be found here:

2- Install using ansible (only for linux platform and ACS 6.2.x and later), acs6.0 is not supported with this approach:

3- Using distribution package. More details can be found here : 

You can also take a look at this option:



(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)