Search and LDAP sync is not working

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Search and LDAP sync is not working

Hallo All,

This is my first question, and I'm newbie here. I have problems regarding Alfresco, hope any of the community member can help me.

I'm currently use Alfresco version 4.2.0 

Here are the Problems:

1. Search features both simple and advanced are not working now. I could not find any document or folder that I had put in the keyword. Is there any of you experienced the same thing? I have read the article regarding this, but there was not specific explanation or issues using the same version as i have.

2. I also used LDAP to sync users from my core database to Alfresco. But looks like the synchronization has stopped, because in Alfresco the total users are not increasing while in my core are increasing. Do you know why that issue can occur? How to load the remaining not sync users?


Hopefully you can help me with these issues.

Best Regards

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Re: Search and LDAP sync is not working

Welcome to the forums. You'll find we can be helpful but we are most helpful when you provide a lot of details.

In 4.2 you could be running Lucene or you could be running Solr (or you could be running both). Look in your and share with us the value of your property.

Regarding LDAP, sync may stop for any number of reasons. Here are some things to check:

  • Can you ping the LDAP host?
  • Did the LDAP admin (or whatever ID you are using to do the bind) change for some reason?
  • Can you do an ldapsearch using the base DN and admin credentials configured in your Alfresco LDAP properties?
  • Are you connecting to LDAP with TLS? If so, did the certificate expire?

Can a new user who is in LDAP but not in Alfresco sign in? And if they do, do their details get pulled over? If so, this would indicate connections to LDAP are working find and it is just the sync that is broken. If that's the case, double-check the "user query" that is configured to make sure it is valid.

If you are running Enterprise you may be able to kick off a sync via the admin console (I can't recall if this is possible in 4.2). If you are running Community you'll have to restart to force it unless you want to wait until it runs overnight.