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You can try CMIS SQL queries in node browser (cmis-strict or cmis-alfresco) or CMIS workbench first, before writing a custom CMIS code for example in java or python.



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Re: Search content without extension


a last update for this one

TYPE:"cm:content" !=cm:name:*.?* 

Did it for me. Found all files without an, at least one character, extension. AND is implicit in the newer Alfresco versions.

‌ filter cm:content was a good idea, missed it in the first shot (boaah... so many nodes without extension Smiley Happy ) 

I used the slingshot search via an angularjs SPA, so the count of documents without extension was present in milliseconds. A feature of Solr, which gives you the count of matches directly in the result header.

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Re: Search content without extension

As I wrote in another thread (Get all Childs of a Node )

I totally forgot about GitHub - ciber/alfresco-js-batch-executer: Alfresco easy bulk processing with JavaScript

this gives you a new root scope object which enables you to write a serverside JavaScript that iterates over the elements without the common problems like runtime, memory consumption, transaction size...

just for completeness...