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Search documents by aspect property

Hey Guys!


I’m developing a project with alfresco 5.2 and I'm having some issues.


I defined some aspects (in Admin Tools > Model Manager) and then added those aspects to the rules of a folder. So now, when I create a new document, the document has these aspects in their properties.


Once the rules of the folder were defined, I created a new search filter (In Admin tools > Search manager)


But now, when I try to search documents by the aspects contained in the document properties, I can't seem to find it. Need help with this, I don't know if i need to make an aditional configuration for the search in alfresco share.

Please help me.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Search documents by aspect property

Aspects are not contained in document properties. Properties may be defined within aspects, and by applying an aspect to a document, its properties will be usable on that document.

How are you trying to search? Can you give more details so that it becomes a bit more clear where your problem may be?

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Re: Search documents by aspect property


To add new properties to the default query behaviour you can change the template.