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Search is not working

For simple search in the right corner of share page. I have added properties to search,but its not working.

I have created a bean like

web-client-application-context.xml :

<bean id='webClientConfigSource' class='org.alfresco.config.source.UrlConfigSource'>

in  : workspace\alfmodule\repo\target\repo-1.0-SNAPSHOT\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\web-client-application-context.xml 

and created a file named web-client-config-custom.xml in : workspace\alfmodule\alfmodule-repo-amp\src\main\amp\config\alfresco\extension\web-client-config-custom.xml 

and i added the config as

web-client-config-custom.xml  :




but, when i search with a keyword which i entered in the any one of the above properties, it is getting the result. Can anyone tell me why its not getting the result properly? What i need to do to make this work?

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Re: Search is not working


I will start by saying I know nothing about the share bits you are trying to configure ..... or what they affect

However it may be that changing the query template is the correct answer.



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Re: Search is not working


I have changed the query template and placed both the files in  : workspace\alfmodule\alfmodule-repo-amp\src\main\amp\config\alfresco\extension\templates folder.But still if i search with the value contained by the property which i mentioned in search.get.config.xml and live-search-docs.get.config.xml is not filtering the values.