Search result incorrect on iPad iOS apps

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Search result incorrect on iPad iOS apps

Experience inconsistent search result between iPad iOS mobile apps and desktop / web browser. iOS returns documents and files not related to search criteria. Even documents are returned by the search engine where the search text does not exists.  

My assumption is that both environment should provide the same results. 

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Re: Search result incorrect on iPad iOS apps


Share has its own REST API for executing search. You can configure some of this and other bits are added as context from the UI. I believe the mobile client uses the CMIS API for its search. The two should be close but I do not think they have to match. How are the results ordered - is it the same?

It is possible that the query has matched information not shown. This can happen for multi-lingual text. It may be the matching property is just not shown in the mobile UI.

This needs a concrete example.