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search results shows 0 results found

Search results shows 0 results found for every search and also same in the case of Advanced search also.

I actually deleted solr4.war and restarted server that results are not came.After that I added solr4.war again restarted from that time on wards results are not coming before it is working fine. I am attaching my error log file please give suggestion how it will work. 

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Re: search results shows 0 results found

Your SOLR is simply not configured properly. Just re-adding the SOLR4 WAR is not enough. You need to properly configure the context XML for the SOLR4 web application to point it to the configuration, model and cache directories, and then configure your actual SOLR cores for tracking the Alfresco Repository. See the documentation about installing and configuring SOLR4 for details of what needs to be done...