Search with commas in multi value text field

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Search with commas in multi value text field

Good day.
 I have a custom type, defined with a multi value propertie named imus:toirCodesProperty
defined as:
property name="imus:toirCodesProperty">
I have configured advanced search, and the relevant part of my share-config-custom.xml 
looks like this:

field id="imus:toirCodesProperty" label-id="prop.imus_toirCodesProperty">
<control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/textarea.ftl"/>

If I perform a search with commas, then I get an empty result.
The query:
query=TYPE:"imus:attachment" AND (imus:toirCodesProperty:(1234, 1785)).

But if I enter a logical operator in the control, the query succeeds.
The query:
query=TYPE:"imus:attachment" AND (imus:toirCodesProperty:(1234 or 1785)).

Can commas be used for searching in multi value text field?

Thank you.
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Re: Search with commas in multi value text field


The comma in the Apache Lucene Query Parser Is not managed as you can see in the official documentazione ( Apache Lucene - Query Parser Syntax ).

For properties that are multiple, you need to repeat the name of the property for each value are you searching for.

I Hope i was helpful,