Setup content store and DB on another server

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Setup content store and DB on another server

Hi Team,

I have followed this blog for installation of Alfresco on Linux server.

I want to setup content store and DB on another server.

On server A, alfresco will run
On server B, content storage and solr(4) indexes will be there
On C, Postgresql DB should be there.

I have below set of questions:

1. After successfully installation on server A,working fine on A, I have changed dir.root property to server B alf_data folder.
It gives error for solr indexes and not working properly.
So, how to setup content store and solr 4 indexes on server B.
2. For DB, do we need to install postgresql on server C or what it the procedure?

How to verify the communication between each server?



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Re: Setup content store and DB on another server


Re: Setup content store and DB on another server

Definitely look at the docs Angel linked you to. In general, let me add:

1. Change one thing at a time. I recommend doing the DB first. It should be very easy. Yes, you will have to install PostgreSQL on server C. Also, if this is a pre-existing content store you will have to dump the current database from PostgreSQL on server A and then load it into PostgreSQL on server C.

2. Make sure you have proper connectivitiy to all servers involved. You might have to open a firewall port on server C to allow Alfresco to talk to it (that's 5432 for PostgreSQL). You might also have to change the default PostgreSQL config to allow non-localhost hosts to access it. That is covered in the PostgreSQL documentation.

3. Next, work on the content storage and solr indices. Are you moving the solr WAR to server B or just the indices? If it is just the indices, then I assume the data and the content store will be set up as NFS mounts. If that is the case, it should be very easy on server A to simply mount the data directories and then, if needed, change the Alfresco config to point to the mount points.