Share 5.2 loading screen - remove "close" button

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Share 5.2 loading screen - remove "close" button


In Share 5.2, when we navigate to another page, now there is a "Loading" layer that shows up on top of the page until we actually navigate. This is cool... but we want to remove the "X" button in the top right corner of the screen that closes this layer.

Anyone has any idea how to remove this? Unfortunately I can't seem to use my browser's developer tools to access the DOM elements and pinpoint this element. I think as soon as this screen shows up, the page starts navigating and I can't access the elements anymore. I even tried binding some events in the browser so that it prints the DOM elements right before navigating, but no luck.

Any ideas?

[Bonus question] What's the point of that button anyway? If I click it, the layer closes but the page still navigates away, so I fail to see the use.


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Re: Share 5.2 loading screen - remove "close" button

That overlay does not always show. Actually - AFAIK - it only shows when you use navigation methods provided by Aikau pages / widgets, and the Aikau ManageAspectsService. The overlay is provided via the alfresco/notifications/ProgressIndicator Aikau module. The reason for the "x" button is to allow an inpatient user to close the overlay in case the action is not actually about changing / navigating between pages. Since the notification system is always unaware of the context in which the progress is to be shown, it cannot "assume" it is a page navigation and remove that button. But of course you could if you wanted to, by providing a CSS rule for the class "alfresco-notifications-ProgressIndicator__close-button"